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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monitor Calibration by Eye

I added the grey scale chart as an added design element to the blog as well as a guide...

I know monitor calibration software and tools can cost a lot or enough for you to not want to go out and buy one. I created a chart to help those that just need one right away. Besides, we’re not all photographers or designers. With this method, all you really need to do is adjust your brightness and contrast on the monitor itself or the software that came with your video card, in your settings on your computer. For quick adjustments, I adjust them right on the monitor.

CMYK and Grey Scale Tone Chart

As you look at the chart, also seen at the bottom of this blog, you can see the squares gradually become lighter and lighter. It is important that each color represents itself. On one end, it’s black and should be pure black with no hint of grey. On the other end, it should be pure white and again, with no hint of grey. You should be able to see 26 different tones in this chart.

There are many other charts out there that use this same method. But using this method (tone chart) doesn’t help correct the color. So, you may want to do a search and find a way to do this also by eye. I’ve seen charts that show the Red, Blue, and Green scales and it looks like it should work. But I say this is the best and easiest way to correct your monitor on the fly as far as contrast goes.

Just play around with your contrast settings and color balance to get it right. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the photos a bit more when viewing them.

Please remember, this is the bare minimum method of calibrating your monitor...

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