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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad news for Cafepress Shop Keepers!

Bad news for Cafepress Shop Keepers! But, good news for other POD sites like Zazzle. Cafepress is making huge changes to its Marketplace and its Shop Keepers are in an uproar! The key change that many Shop Keepers are upset about is the set prices that Cafepress will be setting to items in the Marketplace. Shop Keepers will be receiving a 10% commission off the final retail price from all Marketplace sales. This important change is to be expected beginning June first. Basically it’s bad news for shops that rely on Marketplace Sales…

With these important/major changes, many Shop Keepers are threatening to leave. And many of them going to PODs like Zazzle or if they already have a gallery there, putting more of their time and effort there. My shops in Cafepress rely on the Marketplace and will soon shut them down if it continues its path to any early grave. My work, as well as other Shop Keepers, is worth a LOT more than 10%!

This is really disturbing! And it comes down to GREED! Shame on them!

Here are some of my shops on Zazzle if you’d like to check them out…
Visualnewbie // Spotees


  1. .
    Cafepress has made a huge miscalculation! Their marketplace will see far fewer quality designs once all the outraged shopkeepers have defected to Zazzle, thus decreasing cafepress sales and decreasing buyer satisfaction.

    I hope there is enough backlash from this that they change their minds. It is an awful business decision. They must be reading from eBay's playbook.

    Thanks for your post. I love that Zazzle made ''Welcome Cafepress Shopkeepers'' t-shirts so quickly.

    --Marianne Dow msdowantiques.com

  2. I think it is very rotten that after luring the finest artist and web designers and creative people make cafepress the most successful bussiness in the POD industry only to get greedy and screw the great shopkeepers with their offer of crumbs when they should get 3/4 of the cup cake. Shame on CP!
    Spread the word.. If you are a shopkeeper take your avitar in the forums on CP and turn them backwards as to not face this company of cowards.

    I send best wishes to my fellow shopkeepers…. Now let’s ban together and close down CP one shop at a time… If they want to outsource let them do it but don’t forgert to take your designs with you.. leave them nothing like they left you!

  3. http://www.byteland.org/moneytreetees/index.html

    I agree, it is a very bad policy to not recognize the fact that artist/designers bring value to the POD merchandise they create and that this value is a function of the education, experience and talent they bring to their work.

    Hence I have decided to give away FREE Stores to all unhappy CP campers at http://www.byteland.org/moneytreetees/index.html

    These stores are stocked with high quality American Apparel gifts and apparel. You can set your own markup and earn what YOU think your work is worth, as certainly YOU are the best judge of that.

    I hope this will help those who are hurting from the reckless disregard CP has shown to those artists/designers who have helped make it a successful POD. If that applies to YOU, now you can take power and control over your own work and self expression and get a FREE STORE that lets you set your own markup on off designer merchandise you produce.

    Feel free to share this FREE STORE offer and link with other unhappy CP campers. I hope this will help everyone who is hurting from having had the value of their hard work and efforts so exploited by what is obviously the greed of management wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie for itself without considering how this is unjust and hurts artists/designers.

    Get your FREE STORE now at


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