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Monday, April 20, 2009

Other New T-Shirts Designs, Part 2

Here are some somewhat new t-shirt designs added and now offered on Visualnewbie.com for some time now. I bring you, “Sexy is Back”, “I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a Drunk. Alcoholics go to meeting.” and “The Man, The Legend". These are just a few of the great college related funny/humor shirts you can find on Visualnewbie.com

Sexy is back! I’m one that would say that sexy has never left. But that’s just me. But, for those who did bring sexy back, this shirt and the various products that re offered with this design, is for you. Other colors are offered too… Sexy is Back in Red, Sexy is Back in Black, Sexy is Back in Cyan, Sexy is Back in Green, and Sexy is Back in Magenta.

Sexy is Back Shirt Design

I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a Drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings! I’m sure you know someone that lives by this philosophy. If you don’t, you may be that person. Haha. These seem to be real popular with college students for some reason. Go figure… This design comes in I’m a Drunk Green, I’m a Drunk Black, I’m a Drunk Blue, and I’m a Drunk Red.

I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a Drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings! Shirt Design

The man, the legend! I think it speaks for itself. Up top, I’m the MAN. Down below, it’s called the LEGEND. That’s right, I’m a stud amongst other studs. Well, not really. But I’d like to think so and I’m sure there are other guys like me that want to feel a bit special every once and awhile. Again, these seem to be real popular with college type people. And I can see why… These are offered in The Man, The Legend in Black, The Man, The Legend in Blue, and The Man, The Legend in Red.

The Man, The Legend Shirt Design

These “Sexy”, “Alcoholic”, and “The Man” designs are a very small sample of what Visualnewbie.com has to offer. There are other great college related humors t-shirts on the site ready to be purchased. These designs can also be found on products like t-shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, stickers, hats, tote bags and a variety of other items…

See, I told you that I’ll be making more updates. More updates will be made soon. So, stay tuned for Part 3…

If you have any ideas you’d like to see on some t-shirts, please let me know. Also, please continue to visit CommunicatingIdeas.com for the latest news on Visualnewbie.com. Or just visit Visualnewbie.com directly. As always, new designs on the way, so stay tuned!

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