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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mobee Cashew Tarts from the Philippines

Mobee Cashew Tarts from the Philippines…I love these things!!! So damn good!!! It’s like M&M’s and chips, you can’t just have one! And I’ve been known to kill a whole box myself in one day. But I’m not the only one, I’ve seen others do the same. It’s way too easy to put these tasty treats down…

Mobee Cashew Tarts from the Philippines

I have lots of family members going to and from the Philippines. And once and awhile I receive my own package from another relative. I don’t normally ask for anything but for some reason they always send me these delicious cashew tarts. And I’m a sucker for all things sweet… I think I have my mom to thank for letting them know how much I love these things. So, thanks mom!

Mobee Cashew Tarts from the Philippines

See, I told you… I almost killed the whole box. If you saw what happened a few minutes after, I made the tarts disappear like a Las Vegas magician. I’m just that good…

Mobee Cashew Tarts from the Philippines

What makes the cashew tarts so great is that they aren’t too sweet, but sweet enough. And the crunch you get when biting down on the crust. Love that crust too! Now I just have to wait until someone else sends me these yummy snacks…


  1. wow!!!i was so surprised to see this here...do know we are the ones making these mobee cashew tarts..thank you for appreciating it... :)

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