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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color

I use my BlackBerry Bold 9700 phone as a business tool. As a business tool, I wanted to keep it professional. So, I used the basic BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper (pictured below) in its original form/design instead of the AT&T blue background that came with the phone...

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Original

But then, I got bored with it since it was starting to look dull with all the black and not enough contrast with the phone. I liked the overall design/photo of the BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper and wanted to keep it. Just wanted to add a bit of life and color into it.

So, I whipped out the Photoshop and change the color on the wallpaper design to create a red, blue and green version of it...

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Red

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Blue

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Green

But I didn't want to stop there. I wanted create more backgrounds in different colors for others that may not have the know-how to make ones in other colors normally not offered. And that brings me to making brown, pink and purple.

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Brown

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Pink

BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper in Color - Purple

With the help of the original BlackBerry Leather Wallpaper as the base image. Creating these in other colors makes a somewhat dull wallpaper look more interesting. It's a great way to add a little spice while still looking professional in this business world with an awesome business tool, I call the BlackBerry Bold 9700...

Feel free to take the images for your own personal use. If you're feeling a bit generous, please share this link to this post or directly to Communicating Ideas (CommunicatingIdeas.com). More importantly please don't hotlink the images since the bandwidth is somewhat limited.


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