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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Hands on the Pantech Reveal Phone

Just recently, I got my hands on the AT&T branded Pantech Reveal to check out and play with. There's two options for the Pantech Reveal, a red or blue one. I just happen to be checking out the red one. Now, It's no BlackBerry, but the short time I did have my hands on it seemed to be a very good option for those that don't want to spend the money on a Smartphone and a data package that's usually required...

Pantech Reveal (red) Cell Phone from AT&T

The Pantech Reveal is a slider, revealing the QWERTY keyboard. I'm not a big fan of touch screens, but a big fan of physical QWERTY keyboards like BlackBerrrys and the like. So, naturally the Reveal started to sing to me. Another plus that stood out was the physical dial pad on the out side. You don't have to slide the phone open to make calls and such. And I believe that's the biggest selling point, the dual keypads... more photos here.

Pantech Reveal (red) Cell Phone from AT&T

This phone seems to be a great starter phone to find out what exactly are your needs. Especially before jumping right into the Smartphone arena with HTC, iPhone and BlackBerrys without knowing your needs. In a sense, a great basic messaging phone... more photos here.

Pantech Reveal (red) Cell Phone from AT&T

But, I'll tell you this... as much as this is a great basic messaging phone, I wouldn't feel comfortable with it with heavy use. I really don't think it can take that type abuse like a BlackBerry, HTC, Palm, etc. Unfortunately, I also don't think this would be a popular choice for the hip, technically savvy and younger crowd. Other than that, this phone is perfect for someone who wants a reliable, no-hassle voice and messaging device that looks nice and has the basic useful features...

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