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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

One of my first high powered, high intensity flashlights that takes the CR123 batteries is the Streamlight Scorpion. The Scorpion is an incandescent type of light that uses high pressure xenon bulbs that produces a very intense white light and focused beam. Keeping the light secure and protected is the Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch...

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

The Scorpion is a great general use flashlight that's very light and compact, but extremely bright. The body of the light is constructed out of machined aluminum. The flashlight is also covered with a rubber sleeve around the body and not the bezel/head and it's there to improve grip. With the light having a rubber sleeve, I wouldn't pocket the light itself. It makes a simple task of taking the light out of your pocket a chore and covered in lint... more photos here.

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

Many people would be surprised by the cost of this light (about $35) and the cost in feeding it CR123 batteries. That's why I buy these batteries online and in bulk. But many flashaholics, myself included, know that it really isn't much compared to other high-end models and brands like Surefire. Sure, the runtime on the Streamlight Scorpion is approximately an hour. But when you have a flashlight a bit larger than the popular 2AA Mini Mag flashlight and that out shines even their larger models that use the C and D batteries, you have to sacrifice a bit too. In this case, cost of the light and the batteries... more photos here.

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

Although LED flashlights have better runtime, I prefer to use incandescent lights when outdoors. That where the Scorpion shines. When I use LED lights outdoors, everything seems a bit flat as well as color rendition is off. It's easier for me to gauge distance and identify objects from afar with the incandescent as well. So it does have it's place even though I don't use it much like I used to. Like the saying goes, the job dictates the tool. And a flashlight is a tool... more photos here.

Flashlight: Streamlight Scorpion

The Streamlight Scorpion is nothing new. It's been out for quite some time. So, I won't bore you with details and/or a full review. Other fine sites that talk about flashlights do a better job at that than I can. Like the forum/message board like Candle Power Forums. I just wanted to share some photos of the light. Click on any of the images provided for more photos of the Streamlight Scorpion.

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