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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and what a great day at that! The weather was perfect and couldn't ask for more. A great time to spend with the family and that special person I call Mom. Shout out to Mom! Love you Mom!

Since the weather was great, we decided to have lunch at Peohe's in Coronado, San Diego. Love this small city! Did some good fishing out on the pier there. But anyways, good thing we reserved the table the day before or we'd be waiting a bit as it started to pick up when we got there. Quite the crowd. That wouldn't be such a bad thing since there were plenty of people watching to do while you wait...

Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

When we got seated, we got a table out back in a covered patio with a great view of Downtown (San Diego), the Coronado Bridge and bay. Love water views! So, we wasted no time and ordered our drinks and a couple appetizers to get the mood going. The images directly above and below are some samples of what we got.

Above: Calamari. Tender calamari lightly fried and served with sweet and spicy pepper sauce. Below: Coconut Crunchy Shrimp. Large shrimp dipped in tempura batter, coconut and breadcrumbs, then fried.

Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

I really had to hurry up to take these flicks with my trusted Canon Point-N-Shoot. As you can see, there was only two shrimps left after taking a pic of the calamari. That's what happens when you deal with hungry people...

Then, there's the main course...

New York Steak and Wild Mushrooms. Served with wild mushroom Merlot sauce, Maui style onion rings and garlic mashed potatoes.
Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Callahan Cut Prime Rib (16oz). Severed with garlic mashed potatoes.
Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Filet Mignon. Grilled, served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables.
Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Seared Maine Scallops. Pan seared fresh jumbo scallops, finished in a gringer orange sesame glaze.
Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Filet and Shrimp...
Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Mother's Day at Peohe's in Coronado

Well, we also got our drink on too. I don't have any worthy pics of the drinks we had. So, the image above is the aftermath, minus a few glasses. And all in all a good meal on a fantastic day with my great family and of course, the woman that means so much to me, MOM! Love you Mom!

1201 First Street
Coronado, CA 92118

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