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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snacks: Manila Sunset's Bibingka

Besides the pancit malabon, I also love the bibingka that Manila Sunset offers in National City. Those two items alone are worth the trip over to Manila Sunset. I just love this delicious snack and love it so much, I'd eat it any given day. What is bibingka? In a nut shell, bibingka is basically a type of Filipino rice cake native to the Philippines...

Snacks: Manila Sunset's Bibingka in National City, CA

The bibingka name itself is very vague as there are many variations out there. But Manila Sunset's version of this awesome treat is the one that stands out amongst them all. Definitely my favorite! The texture and the sweetness is just too perfect that words can not describe how incredible it is. And the cream cheese on top! Are you kidding me?!? I save that for last as I believe that every last bite should be the best and always leaving a lasting impression.

It's just that good! That is all... happy eating.

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