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Friday, September 3, 2010

Philippine SWAT Sorry We Aren't Trained

First off, prayers to the victims family and friends. Now, SWAT? It's supposed to mean Special Weapons And Tactics, as in the group of elite law enforcement officers and experts in their respected field. But the sad display of trained professionals, The Philippine SWAT, didn't go so well. I won't go down that path and talk too much trash on the Philippine SWAT like the others. Because frankly, I think the world did that already and I think they got the message. Or at least I hope so...

Visualnewbie: Philippine SWAT, Sorry We Aren't Trained, T-Shirt Design

But incase they didn't get the message, I created this t-shirt design as a reminder of their incompetence, amateurishness and lack of preparedness of the country's SWAT team. And because of this, they gave new meaning to SWAT as in "Sorry We Aren't Trained" as shown above. This design is offered in black, white, red, blue and yellow.

Wait, there's more. That was the English tee design version and I also have SWAT in Tagalog, "Sorry Wala Akong Training". It means the same thing as the English version. It is also offered in black, white, red, blue and yellow. Click on any of the images or hotlinks to go to the product page...

Visualnewbie: Philippine SWAT, Sorry We Aren't Trained, T-Shirt Design

Some may think it's a bit harsh. Well, as a Filipino American, it was a BIG MISTAKE. Now take from what you learned and apply it so that it doesn't happen again. A true tragedy would be if the Philippine SWAT just ignored this horrible life lesson and let the victims die in vain. It's not just a lesson for the Philippine SWAT, but one for all that saw this tragic event. As the saying goes, "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" by John Powell.

My sincere condolences to the victims' families.

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