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Thursday, September 9, 2010

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego

Tried out SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego for the first time last Saturday, without any real expectations. Cause you know, when you do, you're just setting yourself up for a disappointment. And since I'm not a real food critic, this type of mindset going into any new establishment I haven't tried yet works best. Especially since the grand opening happened just a few days ago, so I had to go in there with a somewhat relax view with my weapon of choice, the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego, Dining Room Shot From Our Seats

I usually scan the store/restaurant to see what kind of crowd I'll be eating with. As we entered Smash Burger, it was pretty empty but plenty of room for dining. I understand that they just opened a few days ago, so that so that may be the case. Besides, I kind of like trying out new food spots without the crowds. It makes eating and hanging out with friends more enjoyable. There was about three pairs of groups besides us from what I saw before ordering our food. With a couple more small groups after we seated. They did have plenty of people looking from the outside looking in as they go upstairs to Joe's Crab Shack. I guess time will tell if it gets more poppin'...

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego

As you walk in through the door, there's a walkway making a beeline straight to two cash registers that'll be taking our orders. And on your left is the dining area. Get this, they even have an outdoor patio. To me that's a big plus. Thought I'd mention that. Near the registers and on the wall is an oversize menu. They also have a menu on a stand outside near the door so you won't feel awkward trying to see what you want to order for the first time. I wish I saw this on my way in instead of just standing there scratching my head in line. Could you imagine if it was busy? I don't want to be that person. So, that outside menu is a great idea if I saw it first before going in.

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego, Mushroom Swiss Burger

Now for the food. I ordered the 1/3lb Mushroom Swiss burger (above) with Smashfries and boy was it good. The burger was nice, juicy and tender. A good size too so you won't have that bloated gross feeling of grease. But, I think I should of went with the half pound. It had sauteed garlic mushrooms, Swiss cheese and mayo. To be honest, the egg bun is what makes this burger great. It's not your ordinary hamburger bun otherwise, it would of been just good. It's almost a cross between a regular bun and a croissant that isn't flaky. It's pretty light and thin and coated with butter inside. Butter is like bacon to me. Yum! It was that good!

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego, SmashFries

The Smashfries (above) is just fries tossed with rosemary, garlic and other stuff. Basically garlic fries that you find elsewhere. The menu said it's supposed to be crispy. Mine wasn't. It's similar to McDonald fries than anything. You know, the soft flaccid kind that becomes limp as you hold one end. Haha, I know that sounds funny, but that's what it is. I actually prefer this type of fries than the crispy kind. I don't know if mine was a mistake, but if it was, it was a welcome oversight.

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego, Buffalo SmashChicken Sandwich

My buddy, Hoheezee, got the Buffalo SmashChicken (above) sandwich and the Sweet Potato Smashfries. The Buffalo SmashChicken is a crispy chicken breast with Franks Buffalo Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a egg bun. I'm telling you, the egg bun is awesome. He liked it and thought it was pretty good too. The Sweet Potato SmashFries (below) is sweet potato fries tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.

SmashBurger in Mission Valley/San Diego, Sweet Potato SmashFries

All in all, I had a great meal and wouldn't hesitate to go back. In fact, I want to go back and try of the rest of the menu. The burger was great. The fries were good. The employees were excellent. You really couldn't ask for more. Especially for a place that just opened up a few day's ago. That's my experience with them at least.

Now as a Foodie, I go to go out there and try out the other burger joints in town to compare it to. Especially the news ones that just popped up out of nowhere. You'll see those posted when the time comes. So, until then, happy eating...

SmashBurger - Mission Valley/San Diego
7610 Hazard Center
San Diego, CA 92108
10AM-10PM Daily

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