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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier

These next set of photos are of the Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier for CR123 lithium batteries that I have laying around. Dusted them off a bit and decided to take a couple flicks of them before putting them back where they belong, next to the other Surefire flashlights when I need a quick light. Some of the best lights that I own that's for sure...

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

I have other CR123 battery holders or just battery cases in general and all of them are not nearly as tough as the Surefire SC1. What's makes this even better and worth the money is that it's watertight with the help of the o-ring seal. And let's not forget about the lanyard too. This is also one case I bring when I go outdoors like fishing and not have to worry about moisture getting to the batteries. Peace of mind I say. More photos here...

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

Here's a product description of the Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier... "For Executive Series flashlight lamps and P-series lamps with integral reflectors. This Impact-resistant, watertight polymer container provides storage for one spare lamp assembly and six 123A lithium batteries. The SC1 is a -must have item for prepared individuals. Batteries and lamp not included. *NOTE: Due to their smaller size, Executive Series lamps do not fit snugly in the SC1. SureFire recommends that Executive Series lamps be surrounded with a user-supplied buffering material, such as plastic foam or cotton, to achieve a snug, rattle-free fit." More photos here...

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

Surefire SC1 Battery Spares Carrier and Lanyard

Besides the batteries, I also like to keep a spare bulb, like the Surefire P91 as you can see from the photos above. So it's the perfect carrier to carry extra lithium batteries and bulb when outdoors and in a pinch. The design just speaks for itself. So cool and tactical looking. HAHA!

Check out more photos by clicking on the images above. Here are some related products and more info on the Surefire SC1 Spares Carrier..

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