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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma To-Go

Over a week ago, I had dinner with the family before my brother went to the East Coast for some training as he joins the MSC. For dinner, Phil's BBQ is all we can think about. Having not been there in awhile, about a year ago, that's what we'll have. Knowing that the Phil's BBQ Point Loma location would be pack from previous experiences and even more pack since the Man vs Food show, we had our food to-go and that was much faster than dining in. So here are photos...

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Full Beef Rib Dinner

Since Phil's BBQ's servings are pretty big, especially the full Beefy Rib Dinners, we decided to share the meals. The above photo is the Full Beef Ribs (5 Bones) Dinner and some sides which are shown a couple images down. And what-do-you-know, we got 7 bones of beef. Two extra bones thrown in. That seems pretty common from my experience, but it's still a welcome surprise. And the photo directly below is the Full Baby Back Ribs (10-12 Bones) Dinner also with sides shown below. Yummy!

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Full Baby Back Rib Dinner

I have always loved their Onion Rings. And as usual, I made sure we order it. But this time, I made sure we got the large servings of the onion rings. And the image below shows how it was packaged and ready to carry.

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Large Serving Onion Rings

The next set of photos are some pictures of the sides that came along with the dinner meals, that we decided to pick. The first one is the Potato Salad and the second one is the Sweet Baked Beans. Besides the onion rings, the sweet baked beans were next in line as to being my favorite side dishes from Phil's BBQ. Should of mixed it before taking the photo. The last photo is the Macaroni Salad. Not much to say about the potato salad and macaroni salad other than it was average.

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Potato Salad

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Sweet Baked Beans

Dinner: Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Macaroni Salad

As always, another great meal from Phil's BBQ in Point Loma in the comfort of our home. I really want to go back and eat more, but the lines are just too crazy and I don't like waiting on an empty stomach as we watch others eat. And lets not forget about the awesome aroma that stays in the air as you wait in line. What a tease! That's not cool. But, I will be back and hopefully in a shorter line. Maybe I'll check out the new San Marcos location instead.

Phil's BBQ in Point Loma
3750 Sports Arena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110

Phil's BBQ in San Marcos
579 Grand Avenue
San Marcos, CA 92078

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