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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Had a farewell dinner for my brother (joing MSC) with the cousins/family last week at Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego last week. Kappa Sushi basically just opened up recently and my cousin knew the guys that run the place. So, why not check out the place, right? The restaurant is in a shopping complex with Trader Joe's and the complex is somewhat hidden. I don't think I've been there or I would of remembered it. For a place that just opened up, it sure didn't seem that way with the amount of patrons coming and going. But enough with words and onto the pics...

Ahi Tacos @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Most our meals that we got were from the Happy Hour menu. Needless to say, it was basically more than enough to satisfy us or at least it was for me. The image above is the Ahi Tacos and below are the Chipotle Baked Mussels. These are my favorite dishes that night. The Chipotle Baked Mussels are New Zealand green lip mussels baked with chipotle dynamite sauce, finished with a sweet soy and baby cilantro. If you know me, you would know I love cilantro! It was absolutely awesome.

Chipotle Baked Mussels @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

We also had the Monkey Balls. HAHA! Imagine ordering that and saying it out loud. Crazy! Monkey Balls is spicy tuna stuffed crimini mushrooms tempura fried and tossed with parmesan cheese and served with a sweet and spicy garlic ponzu. And below that, we ended up getting a few plates of the Vegetable Tempura. I'm not a big fan of vegetable tempura in general, but it still tasted good and did enjoy it.

Monkey Balls @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Vegetable Tempura @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Then we have the Seafood Dynamite (below). The Seafood Dynamite is a mix of fresh seafood and mushrooms sauteed with garlic butter and baked with dynamite sauce. I'm not sure what this means, but I know I tasted this, but don't remember how it went...

Seafood Dynamite @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

The next two photos are for those vegetarian types. First is the Baby Cone Head. The Baby Cone Head is tempura fried Japanese eggplant rolled with cucumbers and avocado served with a sweet and spicy ponzu. The next one is a Barrio Roll and I really don't know much it, other than it's not on the menu. I didn't get a chance to taste any of these, but everyone that did thought it was great and not what they expected. And this coming from those that are far from being vegetarian.

Baby Cone Head @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Barrio Roll @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

There were more dishes that was ordered during happy hour, but didn't a shot of those. We have some fast fingers in our group and I was too slow with the BlackBerry. After the happy hour dishes came in, we wanted to put in another order of their regular "Kappa House Rolls". We got the B.L.T. and that's basically crispy bacon, lobster and avocado roll topped with slices of fresh tuna. And yes it's true, everything tastes better with bacon. I love bacon!

B.L.T. @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

The other "Kappa House Rolls" we got are the Surf & Turf (below). The Surf & Turf is lobster, tempura asparagus and avocado roll topped with seared Kobe beef garlic chips and ponzu. My first time having beef on my sushi roll and what a great experience. The other is a Lemon Roll which my sister loves and she sometimes has some funky tastes. The Lemon Roll is blue crab, avocado and cucumbers topped with fresh salmon and a thin layer of lemon and ponzu. She has this thing with sour things. Which this has and not overpowering. But I'm a fan of it and I'm not really big on sour food.

Surf & Turf @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

Lemon Roll @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

To finish off the night, we got the Berry Cobbler A La Mode for dessert. Which was a perfect way to end the meals. After eating sushi and such, it was a good idea to get something nice and sweet. Love the sugary crumb part of the dessert and wish there was more of it. But then again, I love all things sweet.

Berry Cobbler A La Mode @ Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego

So, do yourself a favor and check out Kappa Sushi in Mira Mesa/San Diego. It's some of the best tasting and refreshing sushi's I've tasted in awhile. Don't forget to try my favorite, the Chipotle Baked Mussels. I'm telling you, they're awesome and basically would go there just for that. Fortunately for me, everything these handsome lips touched were pretty darn good and don't need the mussels as a reason to come back. I'm going to back to try everything.

Kappa Sushi
9870 Hibert Street, Suite D 13
San Diego, CA 92131

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