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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dinner: Tokyo Sushi in the College Area

My buddy and I grabbed something to eat at Tokyo Sushi in the College Area of San Diego with the BlackBerry in tow. At the time, we were craving sushi and we haven't been there in quite some time. As usual, Tokyo Sushi was bumpin' with loud music when we got there and every seat was taken. Not your typical sushi spot with the club vibe. But I have a feeling that the club vibe takes effect during dinner times. It was a packed house. We had to wait a bit, but fortunately that wasn't very long.

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Chicken Teriyaki Dinner Plate

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Beef Teriyaki Dinner Plate

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Side of House Salad

Above: For the entree, I got the Chicken Teriyaki dinner plate. The dinner comes with teriyaki chicken, two egg rolls, and two slices of orange, pineapple, Miso soup, salad and rice. That was a pretty good amount of food for the price of $8.50. The Beef Teriyaki dinner plate is basically the same and the same price. I really got to tell you, that was a lot of food and it's too bad that the photos don't show this. My felt my chicken teriyaki was average compared to other places. My favorite is from Hanaoka's in National City.

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Monkey Brains

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Las Vegas Sushi Roll

Tokyo Sushi in the College Area, San Diego - Freshwater Eel

Above: Since the whole point of going here was to get some sushi at Tokyo Sushi, we got some rolls and stuff. Crazy part was we were pretty stuffed after the main entrees. Going off memory of what we have had in the past to guide us, we got the Monkey Brain. They gave us four pieces and these pieces were pretty large. I could fit it whole in my mouth, but that would make me look like clown as well as some mess. So, eating half at a time is the name of the game. That also goes for the Las Vegas Roll we got. The Las Vegas Roll also comes in four pieces and is quite large too. I really enjoyed eating this. It has to be the cream cheese. Wanting to get Uni or Fatty Tuna, I was told that they don't do that anymore. What!?! Anyways, I went with the tried and true, yummy Freshwater Eel to end the meals. That tasted awesome yet so simple.

Great times, with a great friend with good food added to the mix. As usual, happy eating...

Tokyo Sushi Loha
6784 El Cajon Blvd Ste D
San Diego, CA 92115

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