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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mount Rushmore Souvenir Flashlight

Digging through the drawers, I spotted this Mount Rushmore Souvenir Flashlight that I bought during the road trip last summer. I bought this flashlight in the shop just for kicks. Basically my impulse purchase for the day. Plus, I needed something to keep me busy while out on the road. And that's because at times, there's a whole lot of nothing when looking out the windows during the drive. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful country out there, but it kind of gets old after awhile of seeing the same thing hours at a time.

Mt Rushmore Souvenir Flashlight

Mt Rushmore Souvenir Flashlight

Mt Rushmore Souvenir Flashlight

Click on the images above to see more detailed photos of the flashlight and an idea of the size. Also comparing it to the Maglite Solitaire and double AA battery. But get this; it's not only a flashlight. It's also a whistle and a compass in case you get lost. HAHA! It's pretty cool and it has kept me entertained while being the passenger/navigator in the car. While it was fun for me, I don't think it was for the others in the car. They may be annoyed with my whistling going on. Every time I look at this cool toy, I look back at the cool memories I had during the trip. Boy, were those fun times!

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