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Friday, December 3, 2010

Dinner: Bento & Noodles in Chula Vista

After a bit of shopping and getting hungry, we were craving some sushi. We usually end up going to Hanaoka in National City, but that was out of our way coming from the Eastlake area. So, we decided to some food Bento and Noodles on our way home. Plus I wanted to try out their dinner bento box and compare it to Hanaoka's. Here are some photos of Bento & Noodles' offerings in Chula Vista off of East H. The first couple of photos are their Sushi Bento box with tuna, red snapper, and shrimp with California roll and teriyaki chicken...

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, Chicken Teriyaki

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, Tuna and Red Snapper

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, Shrimp

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, California Roll

Bento and Noodles' sushi bento dinner also comes with steamed rice, salad with dressing, shrimp and vegetable tempura. Which are shown below. It's a pretty big meal and to be honest, it's also average at best. Not much flavor going on in the meal. That's unfortunate and was hoping that it would turn out at least good. But for the price, there's not much to expect truthfully.

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, Salad

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dinner Bento, Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

Besides the Sushi Bento, we got a couple orders of the Baked Green Mussels which are green mussels, crab & scallop baked with a mild spicy dynamite sauce. I'm sensitive to spices and these were spicy, but they were awesome. I really like these mussels and tasted pretty good. It was basically the highlight of all the meals. I would go back to Bento & Noodles just for these even if the price is a bit high. We also got the Dynamite Special that has shrimp, crab, scallop baked with mild spicy mayo sauce. The Dynamite Special is very similar to the Baked Green Mussel but without the mussels. This is also pretty good I must say. And last but not least, the Caterpillar Roll with freshwater eel roll topped with avocado. Which I'm sure you all have seen and tried before.

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Green Baked Mussels

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Dynamite Special

Dinner: Bento & Noodles: Caterpillar Roll

Bento & Noodles
386 E H St
Chula Vista, CA 91910

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