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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sushi: Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

I love sushi of all kinds and that means traditional to fusion type creations. I'm the kind of guy that who just wants good food and basically easy to please. And one of those places that satisfy me enough for sushi in Chula Vista is Bento and Noodles. This time, I had it to-go. I also don't want to make seem like it's the best place for sushi in South San Diego, but decent enough to come back. But man, the Baked Green Mussels are pretty good and it's an item I always get from here. Its two green mussels, crab and scallop baked with spicy dynamite sauce. Delicious!

Baked Green Mussels at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

The other "Specialties" offerings that I enjoyed from Bento and Noodles are the Pizza Maki. The Pizza Maki is baked salmon and crab topped with dynamite sauce. I tend to like almost anything baked from almost any sushi joint. Theirs is pretty decent. I like eating Eel Rolls in general and ended up getting the Tiger Roll which I also liked. The Tiger Roll is eel roll topped with shrimp and avocado.

Pizza Maki at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

Tiger Roll at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

We also got three additional sushi items that I just thought that was average. It's fulfilling, but average at best. And those are the Volcano Roll that has red snapper, salmon and shrimp broiled with spicy dynamite sauce and masago. The Dragon Roll is spicy crab and masago roll topped with tuna and spicy sauce. I've definitely tasted better versions of the Dragon Roll elsewhere. And then there's the Rainbow Roll which is a California roll topped with shrimp, red snapper, salmon, avocado and tuna.

Volcano Roll at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

Dragon Roll at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

Rainbow Roll at Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista

All in all, Bento and Noodles in Chula Vista is a worthy place for a quick bite to eat for sushi and Japanese food. There are other places in the South County (San Diego) that are better for sushi. But it's one of those places you add for the sake of variety. At least that's how it is for me, so I don't have to keep going to same places all the time. It's worth a shot...

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