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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The B Spot for Burgers in Kearny Mesa

After reading reviews and seeing these awesome photos of juicy burgers from The B Spot in Kearny Mesa/San Diego, I knew I had to give this place a try as I make a quest to find the best burgers in San Diego. Knowing Kearny Mesa pretty well, I found out that they took over/replaced the Green Tea House. So, I knew exactly where it was. And knowing this location, I remembered how much of a pain it was to find parking and in itself just parking cause of the compact parking spots. I curse it every time I drive there. But it's cool; I'm doing this in the name of delicious burgers and this blog.

The B Spot does their burgers differently than what you would see in San Diego. The owner stated that they basically make an East Coast type burger. I'm not familiar with the way the right coast does it, so I can't compare. I thought a burger was a burger as long as it's done well. Well, they do a "Juicy Lucy" type burger where they stuff the burger patty with cheese right in the middle. That's right! Cheese in the middle of the burger. I never had a burger like that and it was AWESOME!

Roast Beef Burger - The B Spot in Kearny Mesa - San Diego

I had the Roast Beef Burger, which is pictured above. Please forgive me for the photos. I didn't realize my camera settings were off as I couldn't wait to dig my mouth into it. So, I rushed it. The photos do it no justice. It's a burger topped with roast beef with cheddar and peppercorn mayo. I've got to tell you that this is one of the juiciest burgers that I've had in a long time. I loved every single bite of it. I remembered reading "The Cheesiest Burgers in San Diego" on their out side sign and couldn't agree more.

I also had the Sweet Potato Fries to go along the meal. This is an added cost. I don't know what it is, but theirs was different. It's different in a good way, but not great. But then again, I'm not much of a fries guy. But my buddy Hoheezee thought it was good. I think it may have been the salt on the fries that made them better.

The B Spot in Kearny Mesa - San Diego

The photo above it a cross cut of the Roast Beef Burger from The B Spot. As I mentioned earlier, they have a "Juicy Lucy" type burger. You can just see all that cheese starting to ooze out of the burger. That's a lot of cheese! By looking at the photo, you'd think that it would be too much cheese, but when you bite into it, you really don't notice it much. The taste was so good!

My buddy Hoheezee got the Mushroom & Swiss Burger shown below. He echoed the same things. It's one of the best burgers that he's had in a long time. It was so juicy and tasty and not bland like so many others. It has some kind of sauce topping it off, but I don't remember what it was.

Mushroom and Swiss Burger - The B Spot in Kearny Mesa - San Diego

The owner was cool and very upbeat as well as attentive. As you walk in, you see a pretty large TV in the front that rivals sports bar. But instead of showing the games, it had the Food Network on. How awesome is that?!? I love it! I think that was on purpose. I'm already hungry walking in and then having to wait to get my meal, only to be watching Adam Richman on Man vs Food stuffing his face in goodness. That made me hungrier. The interior design is less to be desired and small, but that's alright, I came here for the food. And I was impressed!

Inside Photo of The B Spot in Kearny Mesa - San Diego

The B Spot in Kearny Mesa is a terrific new place to check out. Their burgers were definitely worth it or at least to try once. Keep in mind; their burgers are far from healthy. They're pretty greasy and it does drip. But people like me don't really care about those small things. HAHAHA! All in all, I think I just found a place to add to my regular list. And so far, The B Spot just became my A spot for burgers.

And before I forget, don't forget to pick up a frequent buyer card. "Get a FREE Burger after 7 Burger or Sandwich Purchase". I see myself getting that free burger in no time. I can't wait for the next visit...

The B Spot
4646 Convoy St, Ste 103
San Diego, CA 92111

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