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Friday, March 25, 2011

Croom's BBQ in Chula Vista/San Diego

There's a BBQ joint in Chula Vista called Croom's Catering and BBQ that friends and family mentioned when the subject of BBQ came up for the South Bay area. I've always heard about them, but have never been. Crazy part is that I've driven by this location many times and wasn't aware it sat there. Now that Hoheezee took advantage of the Groupon offer for some tasty food at Croom's, I'm ready to get my grub on. I believe it was a $10 for $20 and a deal at that. So with the coupon printed and the BlackBerry in tow, we headed over there.

2 Hot Links and Chicken - Croom's Catering and BBQ in Chula Vista - San Diego

My first impressions were that Croom's is pretty small and has a seating for about 25 people. Luckily, we missed the dinner rush and were able to find seating easily. As you enter, the counter is directly in front of you and that's where you place and pick up your order. We did just that and I ordered and dinner plate that consists of 2 hot links and chicken (above) with cornbread. It comes with two sides and I choose the mac and cheese as well as the candied yams. They asked if I wanted hot or mild hot sauce for the meal, which I thought was strange and I asked for mild since I don't handle spices well. It wasn't that spicy and most of the heat came from the hot links. From what I remembered, it came to a total of around $10.

2 Ribs and Chicken - Croom's Catering and BBQ in Chula Vista - San Diego

Hoheezee also got the dinner plate, but his consist of 2 ribs and chicken (above) with cornbread. He also got the same sides as I did. We both agreed that the cornbread was a bit dry and the servings were a bit small for the price. To be honest, I was expecting a bit larger serving at those prices compared to other BBQ joints in San Diego. The meals were pretty decent and have no serious complaints. But be aware, the meats were drowning in the sauce and it was hard to taste the actual product with all that sauce. So, if you're one of those hardcore BBQ foodies, you will be disappointed. And that's coming from a guy that's easy to please. That meal also was around $10.

Mac and Cheese - Croom's Catering and BBQ in Chula Vista - San Diego

The mac and cheese was ok and was pretty cheesy, which I prefer when it comes to mac and cheese, but I did find that it was lacking a bit in flavor. I was looking for more than just cheese. But to be fair, I don't eat it that often and don't have anything to compare it to in recent times. The candied yams seemed different to ones I've tried at other spots and don't know what to say about it. I actually would like to have the sauce in the yams to be a bit thicker than runny. The yams itself was fine; I kinda wanted the sauce to be sweeter too.

Candied Yams - Croom's Catering and BBQ in Chula Vista - San Diego

All in all the food at Croom's Catering and BBQ was ok and the service was excellent. Would I come here again? I would, but that would have to be with another coupon offer. I was a bit taken back at the price and the serving size. I was expecting more. Compared to Phil's BBQ in Point Loma, Croom's is cheaper. But for $2-3 more, you'd have more food and I honestly feel that the quality does not compete with Phil's as well as the flavors. The only thing is, you don't have to deal with painfully long lines at Phil's which is a turn off for me and I love their food.

So, there you have it. Until next time, happy eating...

Croom's Catering & BBQ
573 H St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

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