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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Hour @ Playa Grill, Mission Valley

I don't do happy hour much, but about two weeks ago I had the chance to check out Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley with a good friend of mine and my brother. Since it was such a nice day, we decided to sit in the outdoor patio. It was my first time going to Playa Grill despite being in the area numerous times. And I must say, it's a pretty nice place to sit back relax and converse with good company. With it being happy hour, we went with all appetizers to munch on. And it was with Chips and Salsa being the first to arrive at the table. Man I love bottomless baskets of chip!

Chips - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

One of the first dishes that we ordered was the Nachos La Playa with Carne Asada. Its Frijoles negros (black beans), Monterey jack cheese, sour cream, La Paz Salsa, jalapenos and carne asada. Let me tell you, these nachos were DELICIOUS! I couldn't stop talking about them and I believe the carne asada was what made this dish outstanding. The meat was so flavorful and tender. I've eaten many nachos and I have these ranked at the top. SO GOOD! That alone will have me coming back for more.

Nachos La Playa with Carne Asada - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

Then we also got the Ceviche and Calamari Frito. I also really enjoyed the Ceviche that has white tiger shrimp in "Leche de Tigre" marinade with tomatoes, sweet onions and cilantro. I'd come back for this as well. The cilantro alone made the dish awesome. HAHAHA! I love that stuff! The marinade that they used was great and had so much great flavors. The Calamari Frito was ok. Not much to say other than I've had better.

Ceviche - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

Calamari Frito - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

After those appetizers, we figure we should do a round two. When we read the menu, The Merry Piglets sounded good. Its slow-roasted pork sliders with BBQ sauce, jicama slaw and caramelized pineapple. It tasted good and I really think it's because of the bread they used. It was soft and sweet like Hawaiian sweet rolls. It even had a buttery taste to it that stood out most. I kind of wished that they added more pork to the slider since it was lacking and didn't stand out like the bread or caramelized pineapple. I only ate half a slider, so I need to try it again. But so far, so good...

The Merry Piglets - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

Last but not least, or may be it is least, is the Tacos De La Calle. It's basically two street tacos of Filet Mignon with cilantro, chopped onions and lime. I was not impressed at all, even with the cilantro. How can you mess up tacos? Is that even possible? Apparently you can. It was the least favored dish in the group by far. The chips were better than it. The meat was dry and it lacked flavor. If they used the same meat from the awesome nachos, these would have been perfect. Heck, put whatever it was in the nachos and make it into a taco and I'd eat that all day.

Tacos De La Calle - Happy Hour at Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley

Playa Grill and Margarita Bar in Mission Valley had some real winners. I didn't get the chance to try their main courses, but that's for another day. I'll definitely be back since it's a great place to hangout with a group of friends and catch up. Just don't get the tacos. And if you do, don't say that I didn't warn you.

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Playa Grill and Margarita Bar
2401 Fenton Parkway, D104
San Diego, CA 92108

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