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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trying out Starbuck's Cake Pops

I gave the Starbuck's Cake Pops a try for the time just recently and wanted to share a few photos of it. We ended up getting a pair of Birthday Cake Pops, Rocky Road Cake Pops and the Tiramisu Cake Pops. The first sets of photos are of the packaging and the cake pops as it sits when you open it. Since, I'm a graphic designer by trade; I'm a sucker for packaging designs and such. Well, I wasn't blown away by the design and thought it was just ok. But what about the cake pops? How where they?

Starbuck's Cake Pops

Starbuck's Cake Pops

As you can see, they're not big at all. They're much smaller than I thought they would be. It's maybe a quarter of the size of a standard cupcake. Or maybe even the size of a mini cupcake, give or take. The taste and flavors were ok and kind of dense. It's almost doughy and as another person would put it, too moist. It really didn't stand out flavor-wise, but visually, it's really cute. And I'm not about cute, I wanted something more. And it's kind of sad to say, it failed to deliver. I don't know, maybe my expectations were too high.

Starbuck's Cake Pops

Starbuck's Cake Pops

I enjoyed the rocky road cake pop the most. I really don't think these are made for adults or for grown men like me. It was way too easy to put the whole thing into my mouth without even trying. I'm also not sure I'm happy with the price. The value is not there for me and I would rather find some other way to satisfy my sweet tooth, which shouldn't be hard anyways. But it's a decent try for a first timer.

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