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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets

I haven't been excited about football until I got my hands on these. 2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets. This year's marketing slogan, "Bolt Up!". I'm not going to lie; the lockout did leave a sour taste in my mouth and I frankly didn't care for either side. The feelings and passion for football did come back as I held the tickets in hand and in all honesty, I can't wait for the real first game to start now. But this post is about the ticket package and design and for a lack of better words, show and tell.

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

As I opened the envelope and pulled out the vinyl envelope containing the ticket materials, my first impression was that the design was more colorful and bold compared to the past designs. My second impression was how cheap the vinyl envelope was also compared to past ones. Mine didn't hold up well. The bottom seal basically opened up and now have no way closing it. You can kind of see what I'm talking about by looking at the photos compared to the sides. And that really sucks as I'm a total sucker for branding and packaging.

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

The above photos show some of the extras that were thrown into the season ticket package. One is a sheet of stickers in various sizes with this year's saying "Bolt Up". Man I got to say, the blue is kind of bright, at the same time, I'm really digging it. Not like the regular stickers, next up are the black "Bolt Up" eye black patches to sport when you go to the game. These aren't your regular sticker paper too. It's pretty good quality stuff. Then we have the "Bolt Up" stencil. You basically punch out the white area of the stencil and then spray away. I can see people getting carried away with this and spraying everything. HAHAHA!

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

2011 San Diego Chargers Season Tickets Package

And now onto the important part of the package, which is the tickets itself. I'm sorry to say, it didn't impress this season ticket holder. The ticket design of these tickets could have been the best one designed to date except for some things. I really don't understand the use of fans as part of the design on season tickets and not the use of players? I don't want to see fans on my tickets when I paid good money for them. That really bugs me. I know it doesn't show it, but a nice element that they did use as part of the design was the use of the emboss effect around the text and fans. It's such an awesome touch and would have put the design over the top if the photos used were of players instead. So, personally, they missed the mark on that big time. I also find the game info a bit small. It's safe to safe that I'm disappointed in it. But I'm sure others may love it...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Subway Cookies

I know it's Wordless Wednesday, but I have to mention that the cookies from Subway are so damn good! Yup, that franchise sandwich shop. Who would of thought? I loved them so much, I couldn't just buy one. HAHAHA!

Subway Cookies

Subway Cookies

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

Got my hands on a Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive since all the hard drives I have available are being used. I needed to free up some space so this drive was perfect for storing important files. It was inexpensive and I've never had a bad experience with Western Digital and it was on sale. So the choice was somewhat easy. Anyways, here are some pics of the unit.

Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

The hard drive didn't come with much stuff. Just the necessities like the hard drive itself, USB cable, AC adapter and install guide. The drive is somewhat larger than I had hoped too. Actually, it's very similar in size to my old external drives that I used to have. I wasn't expecting SSD size, but a bit more streamlined. I also know that the AC adapter is important, but wished drives this large didn't need to have one. Oh well...

Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

I'm also not saying that it isn't slick. Cause it is. Look at and tell me that isn't good looking? Around the side walls is a high gloss reflective finish and the top being matte with the WD logo in the middle. Only thing is, I can see it being a dust magnet like all black units as well as fingerprints showing up on the gloss finish.

Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

I also pulled out one of my hard drives from my home server with the hot swappable trays for size comparison. They are very similar in size except in thickness. This reminds me, I need to buy another drive for the WHS unit...

Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

Yeah I know, it's not much of a review, but more of a show and tell. Reviews can be found easily, but photos not so much.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chowking's Combo Meal and Buchi

Here's a photo of Chowking's combo plate in National City. The meal consists of Garlic Chicken, Pancit Bihon and of course Rice. The chicken was average and to be honest, I would of enjoyed it more if it wasn't for those small pieces of bone interfering. The last chew before I swallow I can count on a small chipped bone annoying the heck out of me as I chew. I think it's the way they butchered the chicken. The Pancit Bihon was also ok and I can safely say that I've had better. But it's not bad at all.

Chowking Combo Plate in National City - San Diego

I didn't find the meal to be that great but what about dessert? No worries, good thing Chowking's Buchi was pretty good and made my taste buds happy as well as my teeth. These small sesame seeds covered balls of treats were quite enjoyable and I couldn't help myself to just one. A few was more like it and minutes later another few more for good measure. HAHHAHA!

Chowking Combo Plate in National City - San Diego

Monday, July 18, 2011

Phil's BBQ in Point Loma. So GOOD!

For the first time in a long time, I've tried something new at Phil's BBQ in Point Loma/San Diego. And I've been eating there for years. But instead of eating it over there, we ordered ours for takeout. I just hate waiting in long lines only to be teased by the amazing aroma coming out of the restaurant. Also, I'm that kind of guy that when I find something I really like, I have a hard time straying way to try something different in fear of being disappointed.

El Toro Sandwich - Phil's BBQ in Point Loma - San Diego

Good thing we always order more beef ribs than we can eat. I'm not saying the El Toro sandwich was a disappointment, it's just hard to top the beef ribs or baby back ribs that Phil's BBQ offers. The El Toro is char-grilled deli sliced tri-tip topped with BBQ sauce. It was a good sandwich, but it was also a very messy one too. Good thing I was eating this at home, cause I'm not really a clean eater or at least that's what I'm told. HAHAHA! I don't where light clothes when I go out to eat...

Full Beefy Ribs - Phil's BBQ in Point Loma - San Diego

Now the Beefy Ribs Full Dinner is what I normally get. Actually not the full, the full is way too much food for me. But what is shown is the full minus the large side we got. And that was the potato salad, not pictured. But back to the ribs, the ribs are awesome. I know I've shown a photo of it before on this blog, but it's so damn good that it's worth showing again. You typically get five bones, but I've had as much as seven bones in one meal. Also not shown, but a favorite is the Baby Back Ribs. DELICIOUS!

Onion Rings - Phil's BBQ in Point Loma - San Diego

There are only few sides that Phil's BBQ has that I care for. The potato salad, sweet baked beans, baked potato, and onion rings. The photo above is the Onion Rings which I happen to really enjoy. It's nice and crispy, with the right amount to batter.

View Larger Map

Phil's BBQ - Point Loma
3750 Sports Arena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jalisco Cafe in Bonita for Dinner To-Go

We had an extra Groupon laying around, waiting to be used for some time now. And we figure we'd use it for dinner at Jalisco Cafe in Bonita and have it to-go. I've written a post on this place before and just like it was the last time we got food there, all I can say is meh. It's average at best to be honest and that's me being nice. Their chips on the other hand can be quite tasty from what we experienced.

Two Beef Enchiladas Jalisco Cafe in Bonita

I had the Two Beef Enchiladas combination plate with refried beans and Spanish style rice. I actually enjoyed eating their rice and the beans were ok, but then again, it's really not my thing. The enchiladas were also ok. The food in general isn't bad; it just wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to Mexican food unless some discount was to be had. Oh, and their servings are larger than average except when talking about the sides.

Two Chicken Enchiladas in Mole Sauce Jalisco Cafe in Bonita

Then we have the Two Chicken Enchiladas in Mole Sauce. It's two corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken covered in mole sauce, topped with cheese, sesame seeds and sour cream. It doesn't look pretty, but when I had a chance to taste this, I think this was the best of the group.

Two Beef Enchiladas Jalisco Cafe in Bonita

And the last photo is Two Cheese Enchiladas. I've had this before and it was very cheesy. If that's your thing, knock yourself out. I on the other hand had trouble with the amount of it. So, I stay away from it...

View Larger Map

Jalisco Cafe - Bonita
4026 Bonita Rd
Bonita, CA 91902

Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Sprinkles Cupcakes! Yes, again!

Here are some photos of cupcakes that I've had over a month ago. Yup, it's been that long. These cupcakes are from Sprinkles in La Jolla and are worth the occasional, not regular, trip out there for some delicious treats. They aren't my favorite cupcakes in San Diego, but they're up there as far as my taste buds can tell. So, enough talk as I've posted about them before and more photos to look at...

Sprinkles Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

First up we got the Banana flavored cupcake. It's fresh banana cake with creamy bittersweet chocolate frosting. It's pretty damn tasty, light, and not heavy on the sweet side. I personally tend to favor cupcakes on the sweeter side.

Sprinkles Banana Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

Then we got the Lemon cupcake. This is probably one of my favor cupcakes offered at Sprinkles. Its fragrant lemon cake with lemon-vanilla frosting flecked with zest. I just love the lemon flavor which isn't overpowering or light like I thought it would be when I first tasted it.

Sprinkles Lemon Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

I love peanut butter flavored anything. And because of this, the Peanut Butter Chip cupcake that Sprinkles offers is no exception. All I can say is YUM to peanut butter. The cupcake is chocolate chip-studded peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting.

Sprinkles Peanut Butter Chip Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

Up next is the Mocha cupcake. It's another favorite of mine. What can I say, I have many favorites and I refuse to just pick one. I would say that the mocha probably leans towards the sweeter side than the ones shown on this post. So, if you're trying to stay away from sweet-sweet stuff. Sorry to say, this may be one of them. Its Belgian dark chocolate cake with rich mocha frosting.

Sprinkles Mocha Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

This is the Strawberry cupcake. I've posted about the before. It's pretty good as well as light. The strawberry flavor was on the light side, but good nonetheless.

Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

This is the Sugar Free cupcake. Let's just say I didn't like it at all. It was dry and as a whole, a turnoff and smaller than the rest of the cupcakes. I feel ripped! I knew I shouldn't have tried it when I first read it was sugar free. I never liked any sugar free cupcake I've tasted. But I thought I'd get it a try, oh well...

Sprinkles Sugar Free Cupcakes in La Jolla/San Diego

View Larger Map

Sprinkles Cupcakes - La Jolla
8855 Villa La Jolla Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kababayan Bakery's Sugar Donuts

Here are photos of the Filipino sugar donuts called Bitsu Bitsu from Kababayan Bakery in Spring Valley/San Diego. And man are they pretty damn good. I love eating these delicious treats. Of course, they're best eaten fresh or they'll start to get soggy like any other donuts out there.

Bitsu-Bitsu Filipino Sugar Donuts in Spring Valley/San Diego

Bitsu-Bitsu Filipino Sugar Donuts in Spring Valley/San Diego

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Kababayan Bakery
8423 Paradise Valley Rd
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Mission Valley

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I haven't had time to post lately. And because of this, this post actually happened over a month ago. Better late than never as they say. Good thing is the photos of the sandwiches from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Mission Valley/San Diego are still relevant as they still sell them. It's some of their popular sandwiches for sure.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Mission Valley/San Diego

Having read the reviews, I was immediately drawn to The Bobbie. The Bobbie is homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo. It's basically Thanksgiving dinner wrapped into one sandwich. I'm not big into traditional Thanksgiving food, except maybe ham. I can't say it was great, but it was pretty decent. In general, it's a light meal. The Cheese Steak with mushrooms on the other hand was pretty damn good. But that's a post for another day...

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Mission Valley/San Diego

The others got the Capastrami sandwich. The Capastrami is hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and cole slaw. The first image is with cole slaw and the next is without. My buddy had the slaw on the side instead of in the sandwich. I got the chance to taste this and thought is was pretty good. I should have gotten this instead of the Bobbie as I love pastrami. But I don't like ordering the same meal as everyone. I know, weird huh? Oh, all sandwiches were nine inches...

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Mission Valley/San Diego

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop in Mission Valley/San Diego

Since this trip, I've came here one other time. I tried the Cheese Steak and thought is was excellent. And that post will happen within the next few weeks. All in all, I'm a fan. It's great to see some kind of sandwich shop in the Mission Valley area. So, check them out.

View Larger Map

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
1620 Camino De La Reina
San Diego, Ca 92108

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NOTICE: Site Maintenance on 07.07.11

This is just a notice about the site maintenance that will be happening on Thursday, July 7th, between 23:00 and 03:00 Pacific Daylight Time (Friday, July 8th, between 06:00 and 10:00 UTC). When this happens, you'll notice some photo/images will be down on this Blog, Communicating Ideas by Visualnewbie. This is where I host a majority of my photos for the site, Lapada Gallery. But don't worry, Communicating Ideas will be back up and running in no time. Besides, the content will remain, just not the photos during the maintenance...

As you may already know, I have been using Zenfolio hosting service for organizing, hosting and presenting my photos online. You can view my home page at http://www.lapadagallery.com/

Some of the features Zenfolio offers are:
- Unlimited storage
- Elegant pages with a choice of layouts and theme designs
- Highest quality presentation of photos online
- Easy to use intuitive interface
- Full screen Slideshow
- Links from auctions, blogs, and forums to seven different image sizes

You can use my referral code 7KP-95Q-85X during sign up to save $5.00 off your own subscription. Zenfolio offers a Free Trial account for two weeks so you can see if you like it.

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